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Misfits - Back with a Bang!

Misfits - Back with a Bang!

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Label: Unofficial

Format: 7"

This is one of the strangest Misfits releases I've come across so far. The back sleeve credits the live recordings as being from a show at DC Space on 2/31/1983 - but everyone knows February doesn't have 31 days in it, and the band has never played at DC Space.

The live tracks on the B-side were actually recorded live at Michigan Union Ballroom in Ann Arbor, MI on 4/23/83.

Lastly, the sleeve credits the Spanish Decca record label, although the release doesn't have anything to do with the label in any way - in fact, it's not even a Spanish bootleg; it's an American one!

Side A

  1. Last Caress (Studio Mix)

Side B

  1. Who Killed Marilyn?
  2. Nike A Go-Go [partial recording, unlisted on jacket]
  3. Devilock
  4. Devil's Whorehouse
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