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Misfits - Static Age Demos & Outtakes

Misfits - Static Age Demos & Outtakes

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Label: Plan 9 (Unofficial)

Format: 12"

Horror punk pioneers The Misfits should be required reading for any fan of frenzied riffs, blood, sweat and tears on the dance floor. Formed in 1977 straight out of New Jersey, the outfit managed six years - comparatively long in this scene - before disbanding for more than a decade. Static Age, released in 1996, marked the band's triumphant return with a serious statement of intent: what was still is, and always will be. Despite only hitting shops and ears at the beginning of The Misfits' second coming, Static Age is actually the first album they ever recorded, mothballed since 1978. As such, the record represents the troupe in all their youthful ferocity, teeth-clenched in a combination of rage, impassioned romance and ripped jeans. This collection of demos and outtakes proves the undulating power of their most raw, unpolished, off-the-cuff tracks.

Side A

  1. Last Caress
  2. TV Casualty
  3. Hybrid Moments
  4. We Are 138
  5. Static Age
  6. Return Of The Fly
  7. Some Kinda Hate
  8. Teenagers From Mars

Side B

  1. Recording Sessions From C.I. Studios N.Y. 1978 Static Age Era Complete With Unused Takes, Mistakes, And Trash Talk
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