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Circle Jerks - Oddities, Abnormalities And Curiosities

Circle Jerks - Oddities, Abnormalities And Curiosities

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Label: Santa Records (Unofficial)

Format: 12"

'Oddities, Abnormalities And Curiosities' is an absolutely fresh and honest album and is often overlooked. There's still the old playfulness and anarchic aggressiveness ('Brick,' 'Career Day'), paired with an ironic wink, and the rough edges that will probably protect them from commercial frenzy this time too. If Keith then goes back to work frustrated, it's not at least your fault, tight-fisted ignorants. Full of blazing guitars, thundering drums and ear-piercing screams, and while it isn't entirely slam dance worthy like their earlier albums, any real fan should appreciate this as a true punk rock piece of art. Circle Jerks fans, who remembered the band for their short street anthems and sarcastic political songs of the early '80s seem to forget that in 1995 when this record was recorded, Reagan wasn't in the white house. Sure, things weren't perfect politically, but the Circle Jerks weren't known for their political dissent. They sang about everything. They were the party band, and on 'Oddities' it shows.

Side A

  1. Teenage Electric
  2. Anxious Boy
  3. 22
  4. Shining Through the Door
  5. I Wanna Destroy You
  6. Sinking Ship

Side B

  1. Brick
  2. Fable
  3. Dog
  4. Grey Life
  5. Exhaust Breath
  6. Career Day
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