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Alkaline Trio - Blood, Hair, And Eyeballs

Alkaline Trio - Blood, Hair, And Eyeballs

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Label: Rise Records

Format: 12"

The milestone 10th studio effort from the group — and their first since 2018’s Is This Thing Cursed? — arrives in January 2024.

“My mom worked for years as an emergency room nurse,” says frontman Matt Skiba. “She and her co-workers referred to exceptionally busy nights as ‘blood, hair, and eyeballs.’ Well, we’ve been busy making an exceptional record we refer to as Blood, Hair, and Eyeballs, too.”

Track List

  1. Hot For Preacher
  2. Meet Me
  3. Versions Of You
  4. Bad Time
  5. Scars
  6. Break
  7. Shake With Me
  8. Blood, Hair, And Eyeballs
  9. Hinterlude
  10. Broken Down In A Time Machine
  11. Teenage Heart
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