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Alkaline Trio - Damnesia

Alkaline Trio - Damnesia

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Label: Epitaph / Heart & Skull Records

Format: 2x12"

"Damnesia" finds the band entering the studio and recording acoustic versions of 13 of their classics spanning the entire catalog plus two songs new to this release.

Side A

  1. Calling All Skeletons
  2. Nose Over Tail
  3. This Could Be Love
  4. Every Thug Needs a Lady
  5. Clavicle

Side B

  1. Mercy Me
  2. The American Scream
  3. We've Had Enough
  4. Olde English 800
  5. I Held Her in My Arms
  6. Blue in the Face

Side C

  1. I Remember a Rooftop
  2. Private Eye
  3. You've Got So Far To Go
  4. Radio

Side D

[heart & skull etching]

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