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Alkaline Trio - Remains

Alkaline Trio - Remains

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Label: Vagrant Records

Format: 2x12"

Deluxe Limited Edition double-LP pressing of Alkaline Trio's 2006 compilation album, featuring 22 tracks taken from previous EP's, B-sides, live recordings, and more.

Side A

  1. Hell Yes
  2. My Standard Break From Life
  3. Dead End Road
  4. Metro
  5. Jaked on Green Beers

Side B

  1. Queen of Pain
  2. While You're Waiting
  3. Rooftops
  4. Old School Reasons
  5. Warbrain

Side C

  1. Fine Without You
  2. Hating Every Minute
  3. Dead and Broken
  4. Sadie

Side D

  1. If You Had a Bad Time
  2. Wait for the Blackout
  3. We Can Never Break Up
  4. Dethbed (Live)
  5. My Standard Break From Life (Live)
  6. I'm Dying Tomorrow (Live)
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