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Ataris - Hang Your Head In Hope (The Acoustic Sessions) (Limited Edition)

Ataris - Hang Your Head In Hope (The Acoustic Sessions) (Limited Edition)

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Label: Kung Fu Records / Cleopatra

Format: 12"

Limited to 500 copies

Ataris’ frontman and main songwriter Kristopher Roe takes a reflective trip through the band’s 20+ year career, transforming 17 of his power punk highlights into acoustic masterpieces! Recorded and mixed by Bob Hoag at Flying Blanket Studio, this never before released collection includes acoustic renditions of several tracks from the band’s landmark 2003 album So Long, Astoria including “In This Diary,” “Unopened Letter To The World,” ,” “Eight Of Nine,” “The Hero Dies In This One” and more!

Roe’s songwriting skills are on full display on these recordings, stripping these songs down to their essence and offering a whole new listening experience!

Side A

  1. 12.15.10
  2. Can't Hardly Wait
  3. My Hotel Year
  4. How I Spent My Summer Vacation
  5. The Graveyard of the Atlantic
  6. Your Boyfriend Sucks
  7. Eight of Nine

Side B

  1. Broken Promise Ring
  2. The Hero Dies In This One
  3. All Souls' Day
  4. In This Diary
  5. Skulls
  6. Unopened Letter To The World
  7. San Dimas
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