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Bad Religion - 30 Years Live

Bad Religion - 30 Years Live

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Label: Epitaph

Format: 12"

Recorded live during the House of Blues tour of Southern California in Hollywood, Las Vegas, and Anaheim in the Spring of 2010 to commemorate their 30th anniversary, the album was finally released on vinyl in 2016. 

Side A

  1. Fuck Armageddon, This Is Hell
  2. Dearly Beloved
  3. Suffer
  4. Man with a Mission
  5. New Dark Ages
  6. Germs of Perfection
  7. Marked
  8. A Walk

Side B

  1. Flat Earth Society
  2. Resist Stance
  3. American Jesus
  4. Social Suicide
  5. Atheist Peace
  6. Tomorrow
  7. Won't Somebody
  8. Los Angeles is Burning
  9. We're Only Gonna Die
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