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Black Flag - The First Four Years

Black Flag - The First Four Years

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Label: SST Records

Format: 12"

"The First Four Years" is a compilation album by Black Flag. It consists of all of the group's material released before Henry Rollins became the band's vocalist in 1981. Includes the "Nervous Breakdown" EP (1979), "Jealous Again" EP (1980), "Six Pack" EP (1981), the "Louie Louie" single (1981), and two tracks from compilation albums.

Side A

  1. Nervous Breakdown
  2. Fix Me
  3. I've Had It
  4. Wasted
  5. Jealous Again
  6. Revenge
  7. White Minority
  8. No Values
  9. You Bet We've Got Something Personal Against You!

Side B

  1. Clocked In
  2. Six Pack
  3. I've Heard it Before
  4. American Waste
  5. Machine
  6. Louie Louie
  7. Damaged I

Tracks 1-4: originally appeared on Nervous Breakdown (SST 001)
Tracks 5-9: originally appeared on Jealous Again (SST 003)
Track 10: originally appeared on Cracks in the Sidewalk (SST 092)
Tracks 11-13: originally appeared on Six Pack (SST 005)
Track 14: originally appeared on Chunks (SST 069)
Tracks 15-16: originally appeared on Louie Louie (SST 175)

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