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Black Flag - The Process of Weeding Out

Black Flag - The Process of Weeding Out

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Label: SST

Format: 12"

The revolution will probably be televised. But I don't have a T.V. and I'm not gonna watch. With talk of rating records and increased censorship it may be getting difficult for some to speak their minds. Black Flag already has enough problems with censorship coming from the business sector. Some record stores have refused to stock and/or display certain Black Flag records because of objectionable cover art and/or lyrical content. Now, with additional government involvement, the "crunch" is on. Hope does lie in the fact that fortunately these straight pigs show little ability in decoding intuitive data. For example, even though this record may communicate certain feelings, emotions, and ideas to some, I have faith that cop-types with their strictly linear minds and stick-to-the-rules mentality don't have the ability to decipher the intuitive contents of this record. Of course, there may be a problem in that much of the public, most of whom comply with the whole idea of hiring the pigs in the first place, seem equally unable to intuitively feel and listen to music. Still here it is, "The Process of Weeding Out." - Greg Ginn

Side 1

  1. Your Last Affront
  2. Screw the Law

Side 2

  1. The Process of Weeding Out
  2. Southern Rise
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