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Circle Jerks - Wild in the Streets (40th Anniversary)

Circle Jerks - Wild in the Streets (40th Anniversary)

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Label: Trust Records

Format: 12"

The 40th anniversary limited edition of the album, pressed on orange vinyl with bonus tracks!

Limited to 3,000 copies

Side A

  1. Wild in the Streets
  2. Leave Me Alone
  3. Stars and Stripes
  4. 86'd (Good As Gone)
  5. Meet the Press
  6. Trapped
  7. Murder the Disturbed

Side B

  1. Letter Bomb
  2. Question Authority
  3. Defamation Innuendo
  4. Moral Majority
  5. Forced Labor
  6. Political Stu
  7. Just Like Me / Put a Little Love in Your Heart
  8. Letter Bomb*
  9. Wild in the Streets / Red Tape*
  10. Stars and Stripes*

* = bonus tracks, recorded live in 1982

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