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Common Rider - Last Wave Rockers

Common Rider - Last Wave Rockers

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Label: Asian Man Records

Format: 12"

Originally released by Lookout! Records in 1999, Jesse Michaels of Operation Ivy brings the PMA and energy to the forefront of this amazing ska punk release. Recently reissued by Asian Man Records in 2024, this album hasn't ever sounded better! 

Side A

  1. Classics of Love
  2. Castaways
  3. Signal Signal
  4. Carry On
  5. Rise Or Fall
  6. True Rulers
  7. Conscious Burning

Side B

  1. On Broadway
  2. Heatseekers
  3. A Place Where We Can Stay
  4. Walk Down The River
  5. Rough Redemption
  6. Deep Spring
  7. Angels At Play
  8. Dixie Roadrash
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