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Cosmic Reaper - Cosmic Reaper

Cosmic Reaper - Cosmic Reaper

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Label: Heavy Psych Sounds Records

Format: 12"

North Carolina’s Cosmic Reaper comes crashing through the speakers with their self-titled debut album. Dripping with a classic 70’s attitude, mixing sci-fi oriented lyrics, brief but satisfying moments of prog exploration, all while keeping one foot firmly planted in modern doom, you start to get an idea of the interstellar journey that awaits. The heaviest elements are there and are guaranteed to move planets. The stars align and engines ignite as Cosmic Reaper claws at the soul of the genre.

Side A

  1. Hellion
  2. Heaven's Gate
  3. Stellar Death
  4. Wasteland I

Side B

  1. Wasteland II
  2. Planet Eater
  3. Infrasonic
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