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Cradle Of Filth - Hammer Of The Witches

Cradle Of Filth - Hammer Of The Witches

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Label: Nuclear Blast

Format: 2x12"

Malevolent kings of British metal. Masters of the darkest arts and crafts. Cradle of Filth have been firmly ensconced at the forefront of the extreme music scene for the last two decades. Ever since they emerged from the lengthening Suffolk shadows in 1991, Dani Filth and his fiendish cohorts have blazed a grotesque trail across the globe, spreading their fetid gospel of obscene theatricality, pitch-black horror and exquisite musical madness, earning themselves a formidable reputation as one of the most important metal bands ever.


  1. Walpurgis Eve
  2. Yours Immortally
  3. Enshrined In Crematoria
  4. Deflowering The Maidenhead, Displeasuring The Goddess
  5. Blackest Magick In Practice
  6. The Monstrous Sabbat (Summoning The Coven)
  7. Hammer Of The Witches
  8. Right Wing Of The Golden Triptych
  9. The Vampyre At My Side
  10. Ownward Christian Soldiers
  11. Blooding The Hounds Of Hell
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