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Damned, The - Shadowed Tales From Mulhouse

Damned, The - Shadowed Tales From Mulhouse

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Label: Cleopatra Records

Format: 2x12"

First ever vinyl pressing of this 1994 performance recorded in Mulhouse, France of legendary British punk band, The Damned! Features the short-lived line-up of Dave Vanian and Rat Scabies joined by Kris Dollimore (The Godfathers), Moose (New Model Army), and Alan Lee Shaw (Maniacs)!

Side A

  1. Testify
  2. Shut It
  3. Shadow to Fall
  4. I Need A Life
  5. Running Man
  6. Not Of This Earth

Side B

  1. Heaven Can Take Your Lies
  2. My Desire
  3. Never Could Believe
  4. Love Song
  5. Disco Man
  6. Neat Neat Neat

Side C

  1. Ignite
  2. Gun Fury
  3. Nasty
  4. Looking At You
  5. Wait For The Blackout

Side D

  1. Noise Noise Noise
  2. New Rose
  3. Smash It Up
  4. Pretty Vacant
  5. I Feel Alright
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