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Danzig, Glenn - Black Aria II

Danzig, Glenn - Black Aria II

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Label: Cleopatra Records

Format: 12"

The extraordinary sequel to the solo project from Danzig/Misfits mastermind, Glenn Danzig, now available on SPLATTER vinyl! Originally released in 2006, this volume further extends Danzig’s ambitious classically-themed project taking as it’s theme the infamous Lilith, the first wife of Adam! Features a gorgeous cover illustration by well known Marvel comic artist Bill Sienkiewicz!


Side A

  1. Overture: Winged Night Demon
  2. Abbandonment / Recreation
  3. Zemaragad
  4. Lamia
  5. Bridal Ceremony of the Lilitu
  6. Dance of the Succubi

Side B

  1. Unclean Sephira
  2. LCKR
  3. The Succubus Feeds
  4. Shiddin
  5. Demons Reprise
  6. Lamenta Lilith
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