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Dead Kennedys - Bedtime for Democracy (Colored Vinyl)

Dead Kennedys - Bedtime for Democracy (Colored Vinyl)

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Label: Audio Platter

Format: 12"

New edition of the fourth and final Dead Kennedys full-length studio album on stunning white vinyl presented in a gatefold sleeve!

The final studio album from the Dead Kennedys originally released in 1986. This 21 track album saw the band take a more “thrashy” edge to their sound, resulting in some of their most fast and intense tracks. With arguably one of the best album covers of all time 'Bedtime For Democracy' continues to be one of the most popular punk albums of the 1980s. Features the tracks "Hop With The Jet Set", "Rambozo The Clown", "The Great Wall" and "Chickenshit Conformist".

Side A

  1. Take This Job and Shove It
  2. Hop With the Jet Set
  3. Dear Abby
  4. Rambozo the Clown
  5. Fleshdunce
  6. The Great Wall
  7. Shrink
  8. Triumph of the Swill
  9. Macho Insecurity
  10. I Spy
  11. Cesspools in Eden

Side B

  1. One-Way Ticket To Pluto
  2. Do the Slag
  3. A Commercial
  4. Gone With My Wind
  5. Anarchy For Sale
  6. Chickenshit Conformist
  7. Where Do Ya Draw the Line
  8. Potshot Heard 'Round the World
  9. D.M.S.O.
  10. Lie Detector
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