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Dead Kennedys - Live at the Deaf Club (Colored Vinyl)

Dead Kennedys - Live at the Deaf Club (Colored Vinyl)

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Label: Audio Platter

Format: 12"

New edition of the Dead Kennedys live album on stunning red vinyl presented in a gatefold sleeve!

In March 1979, San Francisco's Deaf Club played host to one of the world's favourite punk bands - Dead Kennedys. Playing a set that was heavily charged with Dead Kennedys usual political commentaries, unusual and unexpected covers and even a bizarre "Disco" version of the classic 'Kill The Poor', this is a live set that you will all wish you were there to see in person. Originally released in 2004, this is one of only a handful of official Dead Kennedys live albums!

Side A

  1. Introduction by DJ Johnny Walker
  2. Kill The Poor (Disco Version)
  3. Back In Rhodesia
  4. Man With The Dogs
  5. Gaslight
  6. California Über Alles
  7. Ill In The Head

Side B

  1. Straight A's
  2. Short Songs
  3. Holiday In Cambodia
  4. Police Truck
  5. Forward To Death
  6. Have I The Right?
  7. Back In The U.S.S.R.
  8. Viva Las Vegas
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