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Descendents - Everything Sucks

Descendents - Everything Sucks

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Label: Epitaph

Format: 12"

On an undisclosed date in 1996, deemed by some as Science's Finest Hour, Milo hung up his lab coat and the Descendents began work on a new full-length. Produced by Bill and Stephen at the band's own studio in Ft. Collins, CO, (aptly dubbed The Blasting Room), "Everything Sucks" picks up EXACTLY where the Descendents left off. The tracks "Everything Sucks," "This Place," and "Coffee Mug" are classic Descendents, raging along at the speed of sound, while "I'm The One," "Sick-O-Me," and "She Loves Me" are anthems of the "girl-song" milieu.

Side A

  1. Everything Sux
  2. I'm the One
  3. Coffee Mug
  4. Rotting Out
  5. Sick-O-Me
  6. Caught
  7. When I Get Old
  8. Doghouse
  9. She Loves Me

Side B

  1. Hateful Notebook
  2. We
  3. Eunuch Boy
  4. This Place
  5. I Won't Let Me
  6. Thank You
  7. Grand Theme
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