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Dr Frank - Show Business Is My Life [Preorder]

Dr Frank - Show Business Is My Life [Preorder]

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Release Date: June 7, 2024

Label: Sounds Rad

Format: 12"

Originally released in 1999 on Lookout! Records, this album marked a significant departure from his previous work with the Mr. T Experience. This album emphasizes folk and acoustic elements while drawing on Dr Frank's classic songwriting skills, showcasing his uniquely sardonic wit. Often hailed as the Cole Porter of punk rock for his ability to weave witty, charming, and incisive commentary on life and love, Dr Frank has cultivated a devoted cult following not only as the lead singer of the Mr. T Experience but also as a solo artist and novelist.

The album was initially recorded by Kevin Army, whose credits include an array of bands such as Green Day, Operation Ivy, Dance Hall Crashers, Sweet Baby, and many others. Show Business is My Life has been lovingly remastered by Justin Perkins of Mystery Room Mastering, featuring reimagined artwork by Chris Appelgren from Lookout! Records. This album is an essential addition for fans of Dr Frank and his extensive work with the Mr. T Experience.


  1. She Turned Out To Be Crazy
  2. I Made You And I Can Break You
  3. Knock Knock (Please Let Me In)
  4. Suicide Watch
  5. Bitter Homes & Gardens
  6. She All Right
  7. Ask Beth
  8. Population: Us
  9. Thinking Of You
  10. I'm In Love With What's-Her-Name
  11. Two Martinis From Now
  12. Sad, Sad Shadow
  13. This Isn't About You
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