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Frank Turner - Undefeated (Indie-Exclusive)

Frank Turner - Undefeated (Indie-Exclusive)

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Label: Xtra Mile Recordings

Format: 12"

"Well friends, I could not be more excited to announce to you my tenth studio album, Undefeated. Released 3rd May 2024 on Xtra Mile Recordings.

After the pandemic, back in the independent world, with a new drummer, I feel proud, grateful and pleasantly surprised to be putting out a record that I love with all my heart, that I think might be one of my best. It’s a defiant, energetic record about growing old disgracefully and making peace with that. I’m still standing up, still have something to share with the world, and I’m excited to let you know about it.

So, here we go! 'Do One' was the final song I wrote for this album. I felt like I needed a song to sum up where I’m at in one short burst - revitalised, rebellious, having fun, and still a sucker for a big singalong. I hope you enjoy the song, and I can’t wait to sing it with you at a show sometime this year."

 - Frank


  1. Do One
  2. Nevermind The Back Problems
  3. Ceasefire
  4. Girl From The Record Shop
  5. Pandemic PTSD
  6. Letters
  7. East Finchley
  8. No Thank You For The Music
  9. The Leaders
  10. International Hide And Seek Champions
  11. Show People
  12. On My Way
  13. Somewhere Inbetween
  14. Undefeated
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