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Green Lung - Black Harvest

Green Lung - Black Harvest

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Label: Svart Records

Format: 12"

This album fucking rules! I can't stress how fucking heavy and killer it is, so we've sprinkled some of the album's reviews from Green Lung's Bandcamp in to this listing.

"If Sabbath had the balls to openly worship the Dark Lord at their peak in the 1970's. Anthemic, joyful, occult, rifftastic rock n roll." - Egg Wizard

Listening to this UK-based doom metal band is like standing in the center of a salt circle of sound, banshees screaming in your face, Marshall amps stacked to the moon.

"Classic Sabbath meets modern metal. This occult/stoner rock album is sensational thanks to a bounty of riffs that could fill a pagan chapel." - gebs

Side A

  1. The Harrowing
  2. Old Gods
  3. Leaders of the Blind
  4. Reaper's Scythe
  5. Graveyard Sun

Side B

  1. Black Harvest
  2. Upon the Altar
  3. You Bear the Mark
  4. Doomsayer
  5. Born to a Dying World


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