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H.I.M. - Greatest Lovesongs, Vol. 666 [Import]

H.I.M. - Greatest Lovesongs, Vol. 666 [Import]

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Label: Sony Music / RCA

Format: 12"

I'm in disbelief we were able to score a few copies of these! H.I.M. albums are crazy hard to come by. If you grew up in the Bam Margera era like I did, you might be flipping out right about now, too.

Side A

  1. For You (Intro)
  2. Your Sweet Six Six Six
  3. Wicked Game
  4. The Heartless
  5. Our Diabolikal Rapture

Side B

  1. It's All Tears (Drown in this Love)
  2. When Love and Death Embrace
  3. The Beginning of the End
  4. (Don't Fear) the Reaper
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