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Iggy Pop - San Francisco 1981 (Limited Editions)

Iggy Pop - San Francisco 1981 (Limited Editions)

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Label: Cleopatra Records

Format: 2x12"

Special limited edition vinyl pressing of the rare San Francisco 1981 performance of the godfather of punk rock, Iggy Pop!

Iggy's band is on fire here with longtime David Bowie guitarist Carlos Alomar along with Blondie alums Gary Valentine and drummer Clem Burke!

Side A

  1. I Need More
  2. Some Weird Sin
  3. Houston Is Hot Tonight
  4. Tv Eye
  5. 1969
  6. Rock And Roll Party
  7. Bang, Bang
  8. Dum Dum Boys

Side B

  1. Eggs On Plate
  2. I'm A Conservative
  3. I Need More (Encore)
  4. Lust For Life
  5. The Winter Of My Discontent
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