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Kerry King - From Hell I Rise

Kerry King - From Hell I Rise

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Label: Reigning Phoenix

Format: 12"

Slayer’s co-founding guitarist Kerry King is one of the most instantly recognizable and well-respected musicians in thrash/punk/metal, and over the past near-40-years, has pioneered some of the most brutal and revolutionary music ever created. King wrote or co-wrote some of Slayer's most beloved songs including “Mandatory Suicide,” ”Repentless,” ”Hell Awaits,” ”Disciple," and “Raining Blood.” Known for his allegiance to the Raiders, his love of snakes, and his taste for Jagermeister, King is outspoken, opinionated and authentic to the core. Metal flows in King’s veins, he knows how to write what he writes, and he has no interest in changing that. In perpetuity, Kerry King is a self-proclaimed “metal kid.”

Side A

  1. Diablo
  2. Where I Reign
  3. Residue
  4. Idle hands
  5. Trophies of the Tyrant
  6. Crucifixation

Side B

  1. Tension
  2. Everything I Hate About You
  3. Toxic
  4. Two Fists
  5. Rage
  6. Shrapnel
  7. From Hell I Rise

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