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Manges - Book of Hate For Good People (Limited to 500)

Manges - Book of Hate For Good People (Limited to 500)

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Label: Hey Suburbia

Format: 12"

Limited to 500 copies

Italy’s Ramonecore pioneers The Manges’ “Book Of Hate For Good People” is their new, pop and powerful album. Produced by Andrea Manges, mixed by Andrew Berlin at The Blasting Room, mastered at Mystery Room Mastering. Includes a cover of the Fleshtones' "I'm Not A Sissy" and the hits "High On Stress" and "Back To Bangkok".

If you're a Manges fan, you're gonna love this. The formula at his best.

Side A

  1. Lucky Tiger
  2. Back to Bangkok
  3. Chicken Park
  4. I Shot Cyrus
  5. Jesus Is My Homeboy
  6. High on Stress

Side B

  1. Too Many Freaks
  2. Bad Surfari Bad Trip
  3. The Hate Parade
  4. The Girl With Two Brains
  5. I'm Not A Sissy
  6. Red Flags
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