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Masked Intruder - III

Masked Intruder - III

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Label: Pure Noise Records

Format: 12"

Pressed on neon green vinyl, limited to 1,500 copies.

{Includes digital download}

I'm just going to come out and say it: Masked Intruder is a great band. Not only are their pop-punk sensibilities on point and their vocal harmonies and melodies spot-on, but their lyrics are hilarious. They are such an underrated band in the pop punk scene - maybe due of their mask-wearing burglar shtick, but I find them to be one of the more enjoyable bands to listen to these days, which many people seem to have forgotten was the whole point all along.

Side A

  1. No Case
  2. Mine All Mine
  3. All of My Love
  4. Just So You Know
  5. I'm Free (At Last)
  6. Please Come Back To Me

Side B

  1. B&E
  2. Maybe Even
  3. Not Fair
  4. Stay with Me Tonight
  5. Dream a Little Dream
  6. I'll Be Back Again Someday
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