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M.D.C. - War is a Racket (Limited Edition)

M.D.C. - War is a Racket (Limited Edition)

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Label: Cleopatra Records

Format: 12"

Notorious anti-fascist hardcore punk rock icons, MDC, return with a vital new album of unflinching political anthems!

Singer and political activist Dave Dictor continues to lead MDC through an incredible career revival that recently saw Green Day borrow the band’s anti-Trump slogan during GD’s performance on the 2016 AMA awards!

The band does their 45+ year legacy proud with this supercharged set of radical punk rock screeds such as album’s killer title track plus “You’re Full Of Shit,” “The Big Lie” and more!

Side A

  1. You're Full of Shit
  2. Follow
  3. War is a Racket
  4. Demagogue
  5. Nihilism and Hope
  6. World's on Fire
  7. Off With Their Heads

Side B

  1. Fear For Sale
  2. The Big Lie
  3. Government Cheese
  4. I Am a Donut
  5. Puppets
  6. Talk About You
  7. Worms
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