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Mitochondriacs - Autonymous Mitochondrial Release

Mitochondriacs - Autonymous Mitochondrial Release

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Label: Ratgirl Records

Format: 12"

This witty 4-piece pop-punk supergroup based out of Chicago, IL features John "Jughead" Pierson of Screeching Weasel fame on guitar and vocals, and former Kobanes members Maria Surfinbird, Eddie Kobane and Marky Kobane!


Side A

  1. Love
  2. Hate
  3. Never/Always
  4. But Sometimes
  5. Happily
  6. Disappointed
  7. I Want It All
  8. Or Nothing

Side B

  1. FACE

"Early last year, John “Jughead” Pierson (Screeching Weasel, Even In Blackouts, Mopes, etc.) returned to Chicago from Japan where he served time as a Wizard. He has done this off and on in recent times. John yearned for an artistic outlet to write and record fast and furious punk rock bangers. John ultimately connects with Kobanes members Marky (guitars), Maria (bass) and Eddie (drums). This collective commences to bring the vision to life, giving birth to the Mitochondriacs.

Recordings began mid-2021 which resulted in the debut two song digital single “Love/Hate.” The band’s mission was to deliver singles where one song portrays opposing feelings of the other. This single gave listeners an insight into the true Mitochondriacs plan of delivering raw and emotional punk rock. These two songs are equal parts pop and aggression. Hints of classic Screeching Weasel and Vindictives seep through the tracks which each clock in less than two minutes. Proceeds from these recordings were donated to various international humane foundations. The next single “Never/Always & But Sometimes” was released two months later. This single lyrically deals with the struggle of fitting into the punk scene as well as self reflection. “I Want It All & Or Nothing” was released as the band’s third digital single. The former track is a quick and fun Angry Samoans influenced jam. John’s girlfriend Nanako whom he met in Japan plays keys on “Or Nothing” which starts as a ballad and ends with a powerful full band outro.

Fast forward to fall of 2021. Long running pop punk label Mutant Pop Records announces it’s plan to return as an operating label focusing on short run CDRs. The Mitochondriacs record another two songs “Happily” and “Disappointed.” October 2021 saw the debut physical release entitled “Antonymous Mitochondrial Release” on Mutant Pop which contains all eight recordings to date. Interest in the band continues to grow which lands the band making their debut performance at Chicago’s Beat Kitchen supporting Boris the Sprinkler. This Spring, the band made its second live performance on a bill featuring Dan Vapid and the Cheats as well as Kepi Ghoulie"

-Ratgirl Records

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