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Mustard Plug - Yellow #5

Mustard Plug - Yellow #5

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Label: Hopeless Records

Format: 12"

"One of the more melodic, interesting bands of ska's third wave, the group's "Yellow #5" features a mix of melodic choruses and horn charts, loudly distorted guitar and upbeat punk rock beats. Fans of early Bosstones would like this a lot, and Plug gets extra points for not succumbing to easy novelty lyrics, instead writing about the more introspective sides of life and love." - Reno Gazette

Originally released in 2002, the eleven energetic anthems on Yellow #5 were self- produced by Mustard Plug for maximum FUN. The album features fan favorite tracks "Not Enough", "Just A Minute", & "In Your Face". Mustard Plug continued to tour the world bringing ska and punk to the people.

Track List

  1. Not Enough
  2. Get It Goin' On
  3. The Park
  4. You Want It, We Got It
  5. Already Gone
  6. Safe
  7. Just A Minute
  8. No One But Myself
  9. Your Secret
  10. In Your Face
  11. Sorry Now
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