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Off With Their Heads - Live! From The Rock Room

Off With Their Heads - Live! From The Rock Room

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Label: Asbestos Records

Format: 12"

What is Live From the Rock Room?

It's a place to showcase musicians inspired by the punk DIY spirit. Bands come in, we record them rockin', and share it with you by releasing weekly videos and a monthly audio podcast.

Bands performing sound exactly as they do in the room. There are NO overdubs or samples, NO pitch correction, and NO re-amping guitars. Everything is 100% real.

The Rock Room is Mike Felumlee's (Smoking Popes, Alkaline Trio) tiny home studio in Westmont, IL. It's small, slightly claustrophobic, but there's just enough room to rock and that's all you need!

Side A 

  1. Start Walking
  2. Drive
  3. That Must Be Nigel With The Brie
  4. Die Today
  5. Nightlife

Side B

  1. Come Find Me
  2. Eyes Of Death
  3. Jackie Lee
  4. Clear The Air
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