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Ramone, Joey - A Closer Look

Ramone, Joey - A Closer Look

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Label: Deaf Youth Industries (Unofficial)

Format: 12"

This killer compilation from Deaf Youth Industries in Germany features rare and unreleased tracks from Joey Ramone & friends.

Side A

  1. Please Don't Leave
  2. Standing In My Way (feat. Debbie Harry)
  3. Punk Boy (feat. Helen Love)
  4. Duke of Earl (feat. Mickey Leigh & the Mystics)
  5. I'll Be With You Tonight (feat. 22 Jacks)
  6. Meatball Sandwich (feat. Lee Marie Riviera)
Side B
  1. Remembering
  2. On the Beach
  3. See My Way
  4. I Got You Babe (feat. Holly and the Italians)
  5. Gilligan (feat. Furious George)
  • Track A2 from "I Can See Clearly" cassette single with Debbie Harry, 1993
  • Track A3 from "Love and Glitter, Hot Days, and Music" album from Helen Love, 2000
  • Tracks A4 and B1 from a demo with Mickey Leigh on guitar, Ambient Sound as backing band and the Mystics as backing vocals
  • Track A5 from "Observed" album by 22 Jacks, 1998
  • Track A6 from "Youth Gone Mad / False Alarm" 7", 2000
  • Tracks B3 & B4 from "In a Family Way" 7" by Sibling Rivalry featuring Mickey Leigh, 1994
  • Track B4 from "I Got You Babe" 7" by Holly & the Italians, 1982
  • Track B5 from "Furious George Gets a Record" by Furious George, 1997


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