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Rancid - Life Won't Wait

Rancid - Life Won't Wait

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Label: Epitaph

Format: 2x12"

This album is a slight departure from Rancid's other albums due more pronounced reggae influences than their other releases, but it is absolutely deserving of a space on every punk's record shelf. There are tons of songs with catchy hooks and, of course, those insane Matt Freeman bass lines we've all come to love.

Side A

  1. Intro
  2. Bloodclot
  3. Hoover Street
  4. Black Lung
  5. Life Won't Wait

Side B

  1. New Dress
  2. Warsaw
  3. Hooligans
  4. Crane Fist
  5. Leicester Square
  6. Backslide

Side C

  1. Who Would've Thought
  2. Cash, Culture, and Violence
  3. Cocktails
  4. The Wolf
  5. 1998
  6. Lady Liberty

Side D

  1. Wrongful Suspicion
  2. Turntable
  3. Something in the WorldToday
  4. Corazon de Oro
  5. Coppers
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