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Screeching Weasel - Baby Fat, Act 1 (Limited Edition)

Screeching Weasel - Baby Fat, Act 1 (Limited Edition)

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Label: Recess Records

Format: 2x12"

I was so intrigued by this punk rock opera by infamous Screeching Weasel frontman/resident asshole Ben Weasel that I had to back it on Kickstarter when it was being hyped before its release. I didn't expect it to be so goddamned good! There are some silly lyrics here and there (see "I've Got VD,") but you can not tell me that tracks like "In The Pale Light of the Midnight Sun" and "Disharmony" (parts 1 and 2) don't cause an emotional reaction.

Featuring incredible performances by members of the Pink Lincolns, the Dwarves, Less Than Jake, the Spazzys, the Beat, the Manges...

Includes full-sized 32 page libretto & digital download

Pressed on colored vinyl - since it's sealed, it's a mystery, but no matter which one you get, they're all quite limited:

  • 500 on green
  • 500 on red
  • 500 on blue
  • 150 on clear

Scene 1

Side A

  • Il Tremendo Fantasma (Baby Fat Overture)
  • Attention!
  • So Long, Mojo
  • Tower of Talent
  • All Winter Long
  • I've Got VD
  • Kewpie Doll

Side B

  • The Entourage
  • Baby Fat's Got a Girlfriend
  • God Damn You

Scene 2

  • Satan Leapt
  • Things Aren't So Bad After All
  • Living Hell

Side C

  • Thine Eyes of Mercy
  • Creeping in Silence
  • Here to Stay
  • Cursed
  • In the Pale Light of the Midnight Sun
  • Disharmony 1

Scene 3

Side D

  • I'm a Lonesome Wolf
  • Just for Now
  • Poveretta
  • We Never Knew
  • Without Belief
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • Disharmony 2
  • Bound to Fall
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