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Specials - Encore (40th Anniversary Special Limited Edition)

Specials - Encore (40th Anniversary Special Limited Edition)

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Label: Island Records / UMC

Format: 2x12"

The 40th anniversary special limited edition includes the best of the Specials, live!

Side A

  1. Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys
  2. B.L.M.
  3. Vote for Me
  4. The Lunatics
  5. Breaking Point

Side B

  1. Blam Blam Fever
  2. 10 Commandments
  3. Embarrassed By You
  4. The Life and Times (of a Man Called Desperation)
  5. We Sell Hope

Side C

  1. Gangsters
  2. A Message To You, Rudy
  3. Nite Klub
  4. Friday Night, Saturday Morning
  5. Stereotype
  6. Redemption Song

Side D

  1. Monkey Man
  2. Too Much Too Young
  3. Enjoy Yourself (It's Later Than You Think)
  4. Ghost Town
  5. All the Time in the World
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