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Tiger Army - II: Power of Moonlite

Tiger Army - II: Power of Moonlite

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Tiger Army is awesome in their own right, but when they feature friends like Matt Freeman & Lars Frederiksen from Rancid and Davey Havok from AFI on background vocals, it makes for a killer sound. I love how Tiger Army can be so versatile in one album - from blistering punk tracks like "F.T.W." to quieter country ballads like "In the Orchard" - the trio does it all well.

Side A

  1. Prelude: Call of the Ghost Tigers
  2. Towards Destiny
  3. Incorporeal
  4. Power of Moonlite
  5. When Night Comes Down
  6. Grey Dawn Breaking
  7. Cupid's Victim

Side B

  1. Valley of Dreams
  2. Annabel Lee
  3. In the Orchard
  4. Under Saturn's Shadow
  5. F.T.W.
  6. Remembered Forever
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