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Tsunami Bomb - The Definitive Act

Tsunami Bomb - The Definitive Act

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Label: Kung Fu Records

Format: 12"

Vinyl reissue of the 2004 album from SoCal power punk outfit, Tsunami Bomb!

This is the final studio album of the band's "classic" period before they took a long 15 year hiatus! The reunited line-up continues to tour and perform live, making new TB fans with every electrifying performance!

Side A

  1. Dawn On A Funeral Day
  2. Being Alright
  3. 5150
  4. Safety Song
  5. I Bought You
  6. 4 Robots And An Evil Scientist

Side B

  1. A Lonely Chord
  2. Epic
  3. Negative One To Ten
  4. My Machete
  5. Tetanus Shot
  6. Jigsaw
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