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U.K. Subs & Dead Boys - Carnaby St. EP [Preorder]

U.K. Subs & Dead Boys - Carnaby St. EP [Preorder]

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Release Date: July 5, 2024

Label: Cleopatra Records

Format: 7"

Two punk rock giants, true legends on their respective sides of the Atlantic, unite for a trio of cover tunes from the British invasion in a once-in-a-lifetime collaboration!

Features the immortal UK Subs frontman Charlie Harper on the mic, Dead Boys guitarist Cheetah Chrome and longtime Subs bassist Alvin Gibbs along with relative newcomers Steve Straughan and Stefan Häublen!

Named for London’s cultural epicenter for the hippie and mod movements that were the precursors to the punk rock revolution!

Side A

  1. Paint it Black

Side B

  1. For Your Love
  2. Taxman
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